Our company began our way in 1993, at the beginning of a Russian business, as a small private studio of individual design and tailoring of tubes, cases and fishing bags. At that time, there were completely New and, unfortunately, unclaimed products for ordinary Russian fishermen.

Later, the situation began to change: the active development of the fishing market led to the emergence of increasingly lighter, innovative and expensive spinning, fly fishing and match rods.Accordingly, the attitude of the owners to their gears has changed: issues of safe transportation and careful storage of steel are more relevant than ever.

Today Aquatic is not just a recognizable Russian fishing brand, but also a firmly standing company whose employees at thir production sites equipped with the most modern design, cutting, tailoring and printing equipment take care of your comfort every day, creating equipment and accessories for successful and unforgetable fishing.

Constantly expanding and replenishing the assortment of our products and introducing new technologies, we do not draw inspiration and do not seek it from competing Western brands that have flooded the Russian market. We rely on our big fishing experience and luggage of accumulated knowledge, thoroughly testing each product from the development stage until its serial release, and we try to offer a final product that meets the requirements of the maximum quality for reasonable money.

Trying to cover the maximum number of regions, we cooperate with more than 400 stores all around Russia, also we serve the production base for the development of unique models of fishing equipment for such a well-known company as Silver Stream, actively representing products under its brand not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries.

It is extremely important for us that you understand: we really care About your comfort, that is why we are always ready for communication, exchange of experience and welcome feedback and suggestions.